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Here at Encotec understand that our foundations are built on the quality of our staff. We strive to recruit people that we believe will contribute to our working environment. Staff are provided with ongoing training and development. We wish to hear from any person who is interested in a career with Encotec whatever discipline, specialisation or skill set you have. When considering your application it is worth reflecting on the following characteristics of our organisation.

  • We are an Azeri company with its attendant culture, friendly and open. However, we aspire to service clients with the highest professional international standard of work.
  • We employ people purely on merit and potential. All applicants are both interviewed and tested.
  • We are multi-lingual and facility with more than one language is an advantage.
  • As an Azeri managed and led company there are no ‘head-room’ constraints on anyone to grow and be promoted.
  • We seek people who are self motivated and who can work both independently and in a team, as circumstances dictate.
  • We value people who constantly strive to learn and improve themselves and support others around them.
  • A flexible attitude to work and situations is valued.

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Or if you have any questions please contact our HR Manager Nargiz Babayeva

Encotec Company, Manager of Human Resources Nargiz Babayeva 
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