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Project Title: BTC Expansion Project

Client: BTC

Project Period: April 2008 – November 2008


The BTC Expansion Project comprised modifications at PSA-2 facilities in Azerbaijan. The works included construction of concrete bases for the DRA equipment and shelter, construction of the shelter itself, hook-up of the DRA equipment and subsequent pre-commissioning and commissioning of system. The engineering disciplines involved in the project included civil, structural, piping, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and telecommunications works. Furthermore, Encotec participated in Hand-over and Start up activities.


Project Specifics

The work was carried out on a live plant in normal operation mode.

Coordination and control of a large number of Sub-contractors and suppliers

Termination of new Electrical and Mechanical systems to existing one

Integration of new Instrumentation system to existing ICSS system

Undertake a thorough preparatory work prior to the commencing construction activities


Site specifics

Difficult soil condition

Many crossings of underground utilities

Specific site HSE requirements for hot work activities

Small allotted territory for construction, with need to use heavy equipment including crane, excavator, piling machine, etc  


Project Goals achieved

Excellence in Health, Safety and Environment performance during the project execution

Achieve timely completion of the project.

Manage and minimize social impacts and encourage social development activities.


Project Scope of Work

Project scope cover detail design, construction and commissioning of the following:


Civil works

Foundation for DRA injection skid (including piling)

DRA day tank foundation

DRA injection platform foundation

DRA shelter foundation

Pipe support foundations for injection lines

Re-surfacing of the existing asphalt road into concrete within the specified boundaries


Structural works

DRA Shelter

Steel pipe supports

DRA injection platform


Piping works

Preparation of all shop drawings and shop isometrics for piping

Specifying field weld locations and cutting allowances for installation

Removal of all existing pipe work and isolating operating service lines

Pre-fabrication of pipe spools

Installation of all piping items

Procurement of all piping, piping fittings / components, valves, pipe supports, insulation, piping special items, coatings, etc

Pre-commissioning, commissioning/ certification and handover


Mechanical works

Procurement and installation and commissioning of:

Rotating equipment including pumps, drivers, cans and mountings, etc

Fixed equipment including tanks, filters, stacks/vents, etc.

Skid mounted and package units.


Electrical Works

Removal of all redundant cables

Subsequent supply, installation and testing of the following equipment and materials:

Supports and fixings for cable ladder rack, cable trays and electrical equipment supports

Electrical equipment including switchboards, motors, control panels, MCC's, lighting fixtures, floodlights, fans, switches, outlets, junction boxes and other electrical equipment associated with the Facilities

Power, control and lighting cables

Earthing systems, including earthing cables, bars, electrodes and connections

Lightning Protection equipment and materials

Cathodic protection systems applicable to all facilities and interfaces with the Pipeline System, including control panels, resistor cabinets, anodes, cables, bars and connections

Trace heating tapes, and associated power and control

Testing, certification, commissioning, handover and final "As Built" surveys for all equipment and cabling including points of interfaces with other facilities


Instrumentation Works

Supply, installation and testing of the following equipment and materials:

Instrument air, hydraulic and gas lines from main header isolation valves including supports and protection

Instrument mounting stands and supports

Field instruments and weatherproof enclosures (including bench calibration of instrumentation), this includes all associated impulse, and pneumatic lines, complete with supports and protection

Supplier’s packaged equipment instrumentation (including bench calibration of instrumentation as necessary)

In-line instruments (Including Items mounted on CV’s, PSV’s, MOV’s & Flow Meters etc.)

Instrument Junction Boxes, Local Panels, Field Switches and F&G Detectors etc. c/w stands and supports

Instrument, control and inter-connecting equipment cabling, including supply and installation of all glanding, terminations and earthing to field instruments, local control panels and main equipment

Cable transit c/w all necessary cable blocks, clamps and accessories

Cabling as required for interfaces to ICSS

Packaged equipment including receipt and re-assembly of equipment skid breakdowns, connections between skids, cabling to remote panels, connections to process equipment and utilities

Field F&G devices

Performed final As-built Surveys for installed equipment and cabling including interface with other facilities



Carried out installation of ICSS equipment and provided pre-commissioning and commissioning assistance of the ICSS Systems and associated control interfaces.

Installation of ICSS equipment included Interfacing with Company, Sub-contractors and Suppliers representatives, for the supply of the cabinet sub-floor frame supports.

Installation of the following equipment and materials was included within the ICSS scope:

  • Consoles and cabinets in the Control and Local Equipment Rooms
  • Control and Local Equipment Room’s under-floor cable tray network
  • ICSS system cables between cabinets and consoles
  • UPS Power Supplies cabling to consoles and cabinets
  • Utility Power cabling to consoles and cabinets
  • IS earthing cables between cabinets and to room earth bars
  • Cabinet earthing cables between cabinets and to designated earth bars
  • Networking cabling (fibreoptic or copper) from ICSS equipment to Telecoms hub or termination panels
  • VESDA tubing from cabinets to VESDA main system tubes

Telecommunication works

Encotec carried out relocation activities for existing CCTV cameras, underground cable ducts and draw pits.