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Project Title: Fiber Cement Plant

Client: Synergy Group

Project Period: 2013-2014

Project Description:

Fiber Cement Plant project involves the design and construction of a large modern plant. Annual production capacity is 6 million square meters of roofing and facade materials different kinds and colors.

ENCOTEC scope:

FEED Design
Detail design
Preparation of BOQ
Preparation of specifications
Author supervisory role during construction (statutory requirement);
Obtaining State Approvals;

Civil works:

Foundation design
Steel structural design
Architectural design
Electrical works:
Power supply system design
Earthing Protection System design
Lightning Protection System design
Electrical Lighting System design
Instrumentation System
Fire Alarm System design
CCTV System design
HVAC Control and automations systems design

Mechanical works:

Mechanical trenches and pipe racks routing design
Heating and ventilation systems design
Fire Fighting system design
Rain water drainage system design
Pump station design

Piping works:

Fire water system design
Compressed air system design
Natural gas system design
Fresh water system design
Domestic sewage system design
Industrial sewage system design