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Project Title: TISA Gymnasium and Theatre Building

Client: TISA Engineering

Project Period: July 2008 – July 2009


Engineering design services to TISA & Architect for a new Gymnasium and Theatre Building at TISA Campus. Design includes a 2 storey building with an approximate foot print of 3100 m2; the gymnasium roof is designed to allow future use as an all weather field.

The design included input from various disciplines; an overview of the design included for each discipline is presented below:

Structural Engineering

  • Compliance with AISC / BS 5950 and GOST Structural Codes
  • Steel Framing / Reinforced Concrete
  • Metal framing for exterior envelope and glazing systems
  • Exterior shading devices
  • Designed to local seismic conditions as per BP requirements

Civil Engineering

  • Reinforced concrete structural slabs, retaining walls, columns, etc.
  • Exterior paths
  • Access roads
  • Exterior steps
  • Perimeter & site drainage


  • Heating and cooling system for the building: Central system with chiller, 3‐4 zoned controls for Gym, Theatre & Lobby spaces
  • Secondary spaces contain individual split systems with room thermostats
  • Ventilation systems
  • Fresh air for air distribution systems
  • Ductwork distribution
  • HVAC controls


  • New electric service to building, including all associated load letters and coordination with the local utility company
  • Metering installation coordinated with utility company
  • Lighting and lighting controls
  • Power distribution for mechanical equipment, appliances, pumps, etc
  • Fire alarm system based on FPA codes
  • Telecommunications service entrance and associated cabling within building
  • Power for elevator and associated equipment
  • Raceways and power as required for security systems


  • New water and sewer services coordinated with local utilities
  • Domestic cold and hot water, waste and vent piping distribution
  • Domestic hot water generation
  • Constant pressure booster system for domestic hot and cold water if required.
  • Grey water reuse (irrigation) system.
  • Roof drainage systems
  • Back flow prevention devices for water service

Fire protection design

  • Standpipe system if required by Governing Codes
  • Complete fire detection and alarm system
  • Firefighting equipment